Cancellation and Refund Conditions


The amount of prepayment of the price of the villa / apart / flat deposited into our account (by EFT, or by Money Order, or by Credit Card "single withdrawal or installment", or in advance, or by Mail Order or etc.) / In case of cancellations made up to 30 days before your check-in date, your full prepayment fee will be burned, because all of this payment has been made as a prepayment to the villa / apartment / flat owner. You must pay the remaining amount to us at the time of entering the villa / apartment / apartment.
The customer can cancel their travels before the journey begins. The cancellation notification of the customer is mandatory to be made in writing to REGENCY TURKEY, and notifications not made in writing cannot be accepted.
In case of cancellation, REGENCY TURKEY will receive certain percentages from the customer at the total price of the services specified in the travel agreement in order to cover the travel-related measures and expenses. These quantities are determined as follows.
Cancellation conditions;
a) The prepayment sent for the reservation is absolutely non-refundable.
b) If it occurs until the 30th day before the start of the trip, the customer must pay 30% of the total travel price.
c) If it is between the 29th day before the start of the travel and the day with the beginning of the travel, or if the customer never arrives, the customer must pay 100% of the travel price.
In the event that the customer pays the entire villa / apart / flat prices to REGENCY TURKEY (by EFT or money order or in advance or in a single withdrawal by credit card) at the request of the customer, the cancellations made until 30 days before the villa / apartment / flat. 30% (thirty percent) of the price paid will burn. The remaining 70% (seventy percent) will be returned to the account number you will report. Shipping costs will also be deducted from this money. Because 30% (thirty percent) of this price has been paid to the owner of the villa / apart / apartment as a prepayment.
If you cancel your reservation 30 days or less before the entrance to the villa / apartment / apartment or if you do not enter the villa / apartment / apartment and there is no accommodation in the villa / apartment / apartment, the total travel fee you paid will not be refunded to the customer.
Which emerged with credit card and will be refunded due to processing of payments, and property damage that will be charged by the bank or banks, brokerage fees, etc. such loads are cut out of the money to be returned to the customer.
If, for any reason, the reservation of the villa / apart / apartment is canceled by REGENCY TURKEY, this will be reported to the customer as soon as possible. If there is an equivalent villa / apartment / flat available on the same dates in our portfolio, it will be recommended to the customer. In cases where the customer does not approve and does not enter the "force majeure" item, the money received will be returned to the customer.
In addition, for some of our villas / apartments / flats (indicated on the villa / apart / flats internet detail page), all of the prepayment paid and for these villas / flats / flats (specified in the villa / apart / flats internet detail page; 30 days before the reservation date or For 60 days remaining, for the villas / apartments / flats to be paid in full, the total rental price of the villa / apartments / flats is collected from the customer. Even if you cancel the reservation, no fees will be refunded.
If the customer fails to pay the remaining payment on time, REGENCY TURKEY reserves the right to cancel the reservation in question, not to reimburse the previously paid fee and to receive another reservation for this villa / apartment / apartment.
Reservation cancellations can be made in writing (by electronic mail or registered mail). Reservation cancellations made by talking by phone are never valid. Reservation cancellations are valid from the moment the letter reaches the REGENCY TURKEY.
REGENCY TURKEY cannot be held responsible for the failure of the villa / apartment / apartment to be used from the reservation confirmation of the villa / apart / apartment, including the termination of the contract without the written declaration of the contract, without any reason or procedure arising from the customer's defect. All of the price shown in the contract becomes due on the delivery date of the villa / apart / apartment and all legal rights of REGENCY TURKEY in this respect are reserved.