Rental Agreement

Villa / Apart Rental Agreement

This contract; The start and end dates for a certain period of time between the renting “VILLA / FLAT / APARTMENT” (hereinafter referred to as “CUSTOMER”) and hiring “VILLA / FLAT / APARTY” (hereinafter referred to as “REGENCY TURKEY”). APARTMENT / APARTMENT ”was made for the purpose of renting. The customers and their accompanying persons who book any of our“ villas / apartments / apartments ”announced on the“ ”web site or via e-mail in advance they are considered to have accepted. Behavior contrary to any of the following conditions gives “REGENCY TURKEY” the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally, ask the customer to leave the villa / flat / apartment, prepayment received, not return the deposit rental fee, and request the full amount of the unpaid rent. .

Pre-booking can be made to our villas / apartments / apartments via the reservation form on our website or by SMS or telephone or by e-mail. REGENCY TURKEY makes your pre-rental process by stating the dates you will rent the Villa / Apart / Apartment you want to rent and getting the necessary transportation and billing information from you. REGENCY TURKEY receives 30% of the total payable fee for the villa / apart / pension as a prepayment after the pre-lease. If the prepayment is paid within 1 (one) business day after the pre-lease is made, it is reserved by keeping your villa / apart / apartment on your behalf. Our prepayment and bank account numbers that you have to pay will also be notified to you by e-mail or SMS or by phone. Prepayment Payment can be made within 1 (one) business day by Money Order, EFT, and Credit Card via the site. Lease confirmation of the Villa / Apartment / Flat will be sent to you in writing within 1 business day at the latest after the prepayment is received. If the prepayment is not paid, REGENCY TURKEY will be able to use the right to cancel the pre-booking and receive another reservation in the villa / apartment / pension without informing the customer. The remaining fee of the Villa / Apart / Flat is made in cash (cash) in the delivery of the Villa / Apart / Flat after the contract is made and the control of the Villa / Apart / Flat is made. REGENCY TURKEY, again, due to the delivery of the rented property to the customer, broken, broken, damaged, lost, loss etc. Although it receives a 1.000 TL damage deposit, this deposit is received in cash (cash) upon delivery of the Villa / Apart / Flat. If the damage deposit is not missing after the counting of the fixtures at the exit of the customer, it will be returned to the customer. It is highly reminded that these amounts should be prepared with you in cash on the day of entry to the villa / apartment / apartment in order to prevent the grievances that may occur due to the above reasons.

On the starting date of the reservation, the entrance time to the villa / apartment / apartment is 15.00 at the earliest and 20.00 at the latest. Customer; Can not enter the villa / apartment / apartment outside of the specified hours, if it comes after the specified entrance time at the latest, it may enter the villa / apartment / apartment one day later at the beginning of the working day of the REGENCY TURKEY (09.00). Customer; If it comes before the specified time or after the specified time, problems arising from not being able to enter the villa / apartment / apartment, overnight stay, not finding accommodation etc. REGENCY TURKEY cannot be held responsible for any problems. The customer needs to find the place to spend the night and pay the accommodation fee. REGENCY TURKEY cannot be held responsible for such situations. The time of departure from the villa / apart / apartment at the end of the reservation is 10:00 in the morning at the latest for all our regions. At 10.00 in the morning, the problems, damages, victimization etc. caused by the customer not evacuating the villa / apartment / apartment or late evacuation. The customer is directly responsible for all the negativities and will cover all kinds of financial damages of the REGENCY TURKEY that may arise from these negativities. We remind you that travel plans are made according to these times so that both parties are not victims. If you want to check out early, you should be informed 24 hours before the REGENCY TURKEY. If the customer leaves the villa / apart / apartment without checking the villa / apart / apartment due to the density, the damage deposit will be sent to a bank account to be notified by the customer, the shipping costs will be paid from within the damage deposit. In case the customer leaves the villa / apartment / apartment early upon his own request, no refund will be made to the customer for the accommodation fee.

Our villas / apartments / apartments are above the capacity stated on our website or when making a reservation